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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of Bangla Gold Ltd. with BSTI for purity testing of gold/gold bar imported through port.

Our Services

Gold X-Rays

A completely non- destructive method, XRF analysis leaves the jewelry intact and undamaged. A portable or benchtop analyzer sends X-rays into the jewelry, exciting the atoms and causing them to fluoresce energy back to the analyzer’s detector. The instrument uses the fluoresced X-rays to determine the Gold Bar/jewelry’s material chemistry.

Gold Hallmarking

Gold hallmarks are symbols or markings on gold jewellery or other gold items that indicate their authenticity and purity. These marks are typically made by a Gold Test Lab, that tests precious metals to ensure that they meet certain quality standards.

Gold Fire Assay

The fire assay method is a classic analytical method that applies the principles and techniques of metallurgy to analytical chemistry and is one of the popular methods in analytical chemistry. The fire assay method is to quantitatively determine the content of precious metals by adding flux to smelt ores and metallurgical products.. It is an important means for the chemical analysis of gold, silver, and precious metals.

Laser Welding

Laser welding for jewelry is a technique that uses a laser to join metals without solder or torches. It is useful for repairing or resizing jewelry without removing stones, filling porosity, or re-tipping prongs. It can also improve the quality and design of your jewelry.

Gold Melting

The melting point of gold is 1064°C. This is an extremely high temperature, and the gold melting point is usually achieved in specialised industrial facilities. Gold changes its form, i.e. melts from its solid-state into a liquid at this temperature. The boiling point of gold can also be obtained at 2856°C. We are using the advanced technologies which is known as induction process and it is enviroment friendly.

We are trusted Gold Testing company in Bangladesh

Bangla Gold Ltd is highly ambitious to become a pioneer in the gold testing sector in Bangladesh by keeping customers at the center. We are devoted to delivering superior services like Gold Testing, Hallmarking, Melting. We strive to make Bangladesh better by rising & regulating gold standard in Bangladesh.

Lab Machine

Machine X reay

Nowadays people are increasingly inclined to buy hallmarked gold while buying gold jewellery. In the past, there were some serious concerns about the purity of gold available, which is why the importance of hallmarks today is indescribable.

Enamul Haque Khan

Managing Director

Bangla Gold Private Limited

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Recently, some unscrupulous companies have been honing the reputation of Bangla Gold (Pvt) Ltd. by copying the trademarked logo of Bangla Gold and

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Signing MoU with BSTI

Signing MoU with BSTI to test the purity of imported gold or gold bars On January 14, 2024, Bangla Gold (Pvt) Limited and

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Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited, is the only internationally recognized company in Bangladesh, approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and