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Gold Melting(Melting of gold)

The main source of gold in our country is re-cycling old gold, and the first or main step of re-cycling is smelting. ITALIAN ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI S.P.A. for melting old gold ornaments. With the help of the machine, guinea gold bars are made by melting at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius. This Guinea bullion has to be matured through a special process. A certain amount of Italian copper or silver is added to this mature gold ingot and it is polished through Italian ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI S.P.A machine to make gold pieces of specific carat ie 18 carat, 21 carat, 22 carat.

Craftsmen of our country make different types of jewelery with this gold piece. And we have skilled and trained technicians and 05 (five) Italian machines to complete the gelation process quickly. Machine Description: ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI S.P.A. 02 machines of 5 kg, 01 machine of 1.5 kg, 02 machines of 01 kg. Total: 05 (Five) Galikaron or Melting Machines.