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About us

The only authorized Gold Hallmark Company (Gold Standard Verification Institution) in Bangladesh is Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited. It is an international gold hallmark company of the same caliber as those found in various nations throughout the globe. Since 2007, Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited has worked relentlessly and with integrity to improve the quality of gold with the definite intention of establishing the gold industry of Bangladesh in the international arena. We have therefore recognized to obtain ISO: 9001-2015 certification.
Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in 2007 to safeguard the gold business from fraud because hard stones were previously used to test the grade of gold in our nation. Bangla Gold’s establishment is what led to the current gold jewelry with KDM alloy that can be found in jeweler showrooms. As a result, both customers and sellers’ benefit. Additionally, measuring matured gold is first done by hand in Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited. For all clients and traders, Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited handles the entire process of examining the purity of gold or gold jewelry.
Our capabilities and openness to new ideas in practice have occasionally been highlighted in our daily’ and print media’s reports about our labs. In every instance, the Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Ltd.’s published report or results are widely accepted. Financial transactions are based on the reports that we supply in the gold market exchange. The name Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Mark of Purity. We examine the gold that has been seized by law enforcement or customs authorities from time to time in order to determine if it is real or fraudulent. Additionally, subject to the learned court’s approval, we supply the accurate report of the received gold where there is any ambiguity in the legal procedures involving precious metals, which represents loyalty. This demonstrates the versatility of the lab of Bangla Gold (Pvt.) Limited.

Our Services:

• Gold Melting or Galvanization.
• Gold X-Rays.
• Gold Hallmarking.
• Gold Fire Test or Assay lab.
• Laser Welding.
• Gold Refinery