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Assay Lab(Fire test)

Fire Assay or Fire Tons is the only accepted official method in the world to verify the correct quality of gold or Karat. Setting up of Fire Assay Laboratory is undeniable for Fire Assay. In this Fire Assay Laboratory, through the use of cupellation method, metal or alloy is mixed with other materials including gold, copper and silver and checked by hand in various processes. The real value of gold is determined 100% correctly by testing, checking, sorting in different ways in Fire Assay Laboratory.

Fire assay is the only gold tonnage used throughout the modern world. Our neighboring country India also has about 83 small and large fire labs. Without Fire Assay tons, gold standards will not be recognized anywhere in the world.

Fire test is the Induction Method by collecting small amounts of gold from jewelry or ornaments. It is an Italian technology ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI S.P.A. Gold quality is verified through machines.