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Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS)


Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) is a non-political, non-profit and service oriented trade organization registered under the Companies Act, 1913 and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce. Bajus is also an active member with first class status of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). To transform the post-independence war-ravaged country into the golden Bengal of dreams, with the aim of expanding the domestic gold industry and economic emancipation, the activities of the Bangladesh Jewelers Association began, but it overcame various obstacles and became institutionalized on Saturday, July 28, 1984.

The main office of Bangladesh Jewelers Association is located in Baitul Mokarramstha Market, Central Mosque of Bangladesh. Since its inception the main objective of Bangladesh Jewelers Association is to ensure customer service, patronize the domestic gold industry and protect the interests of jewelers. To this end, each district of the country has District Committees of Bajus, which represent the Central Committee. The Central Committee is constituted in accordance with the rules of the Trade Organization. Which is known as Executive Committee. This committee mainly manages the activities of Bangladesh Jewelers Association in the whole of Bangladesh. The District Committees perform their duties as per the instructions of the Central Committee in their respective districts. Currently Bangladesh Jewelers Association has about 18 (eighteen) thousand members. Each member of Bangladesh Jewelers Association is basically a business organization. Those who conduct business according to the rules and regulations of the Bangladesh government and the association.

Bajus determines the price of gold in the domestic market by taking into consideration the international market, domestic market and consumer general. By coordinating with various government ministries and organizations, the development of the jewelery industry and its significant contribution to the national economy have been formulated, and the government has played a role in promoting and observing the rules set by the government for the promotion of fair and competitive business among the members. Bajus also aims to establish links between jewelery traders and buyers, participate and organize various international trade fairs to expand foreign trade and present themselves in the international environment, formulate and implement various constructive activities for the development of the industry and artists.

Jewelery is an ancient and traditional industry of Bangladesh with its roots deep in the subcontinent’s thousand years of history and culture. Despite being a potential and traditional sector, the jewelery industry in this country is not developing and is heading towards extinction, just as the best Bengali of a thousand years, the worthy successor of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, the most successful Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Mother of Humanity, Sheikh Hasina, Hon’ble Minister of Finance (2017-2018) Finance Minister (2017-2018) In the year’s budget, he announced an age-appropriate gold policy for the jewelery industry. In continuation of this, a comprehensive, consumer and business friendly gold policy was approved in gazette form on 8th November 2018.

The main objective of Bangladesh Jewelers Association is to ensure customer service, to patronize the domestic gold industry and to protect the interests of jewelers and to highlight the heritage of this country’s jewelery industry at the world court and to provide leadership in the jewelery business in the global market.

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